Successful organisations are always active to learning and open for change.

SMART SPOC offers effective OD interventions through various training and development strategies. Our unique approach to training need analysis and in-depth understanding of the right fit training requirements helps organizations with more result oriented interventions.

SMART ORGANISATIONS, a division of SMART SPOC helps individuals, teams and the organization as a whole in progressing to the next level through strategic and need based organization development initiatives. These initiatives involve people assessments, individual/team effectiveness measurements by time tested tools. We understand the growth areas, identify gaps, analyze the training needs and bring in the best training methodologies and facilitate effective training interventions.

Some of the trainings that we facilitate are Technical and / or generic based on the Organization’s requirements. Some of our offerings are as below, however we believe in customized solutions to answer the unique challenges of our clients.

How we do it

We start with a clear understanding of the

  • Need for the
  • Analyze the
  • Design a module
    and execute it
  • Effectiveness

After analyzing the training need, we identify the right module and an effective trainer from our in-house or network trainers and deploy them to deliver the program.

During the program and post training we do a training effectiveness assessment to help us draw the future course of action for our clients.

Operational Excellence

We believe that Organisations’ success lies in operational effectiveness. SMART SPOC helps build processes that lead to smooth operational practices.

We will build inter departmental SLAs to improve the effectiveness at work and develop a continuous performance measurement of not only individuals but the departments as a whole too.

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